Our Hedge for The American Dream. The “Asset Revolution”!

What’s bigger than the big short? The ‘Asset Revolution’ underway, powered by the people. — Alex Allison, 7/4/21

In a recent post, Business Insider quoted 8 Billionaire investors predicting an epic market crash.

“The market crash signals provided by the likes of The Big Short fame investor who runs Scion Asset Management, pointed to Tesla, GameStop, bitcoin, dogecoin, Robinhood, and the red-hot US housing market as signs of speculative excess earlier this year."

Or citing:

"fully invested bear because that factors that typically cause bear markets — rising inflation, recession fears, a hostile Federal Reserve — weren't present."

What fails to get called out in the predictions, is the undeniable inverse correlation, or lack thereof reference, to the economic factors that enhance economic output of the largest, most dynamic collection of assets that exist, real estate.

The largest asset class and store of value. The asset that fuels economic progress and stimulus, globally, at the hands and household of the people that run through it.

Simultaneously, as Wall Street and the media mavens flood the interweb with FUD over traditional economic indicators, that they know….

The modern value creators, economic-futurists, the builders, and progressive investors of the world quietly fill their treasure chest with tens of billions in residential real estate investment allocations.

While tens of billions flowing into real estate (over a few months window) is a drop in the bucket, it's institutional validation like NEVER BEFORE.  Validation, influenced by economic indicators that defy historic methodology and traditional cycles.

We do not know, what we do not know, until we know.

People know what they know. The mainstream media and critics, more than anyone, lead with what they know.  Similarly, the origins of a narrative often speak to where “interests” lie or where “interests” flow.

So, strip away the macro influences of Wall Street. Clear the headlines. Remove the pumps and dumps of the crypto underworlds (of the world), anchored on speculation and value propositions of perceived benefits, that have yet to prove real world economic value... measured by progress… And what you'll find is that we're at the center of what actually makes the worlds value move - what makes real estate move and how equity grows, therefore what makes economic value turn.

Low supply and high demand, with no other place to go, but… home!

What this article inadvertently highlights for me, however, is why OUR "hedge" against speculation in the market and common asset classes, was right to be built on a first-of-its kind ownership-investment model that's grounded on diversified, intrinsic (aka) real estate assets. More specifically, it must include assets that are integrated into the Future of Living, with economic values, purpose, and people at the center. That is, assets that are diverse enough to support what’s next?

I believe the next big short is radical redistribution of value, back to the people. Powered by the People!  

Humanity moves through the mashup of sharing diversified information. Tell me why I'm wrong, all thoughts welcome!

A visionary brand builder and creator of inventive behavioral and pioneering economic modeling, Alex Allison is the Founder & CEO of D. Alexander & D. Alexander Capital. His work is centered around developing, aligning, and forecasting value equations and evolutionary market forces that adhere to the future of living — for mainstream consumption and adoption.

Note: These thoughts are my own, not representative of the company and our affiliates.