See Part I to The Next Big Short here.

Furthering the connection and correlation between people and assets, these are the two fundamentals that exchange value, as they are supported by one other.

Our focus has always been picking the right real estate with strong economic values, and the diversified utilization of dynamic equity assets — leading the way. Not singular stocks, bonds, or individual homes without diversified economic outputs.

So while the traditionalists speak to the story they know, we've been building a platform (and assets) made to produce the best real estate in the country, with $500 Million opportunities and counting to go and a path to 20X’ing the depth of the bench.

Many experts cite an inventory problem. Follow that story, and we've solved the real problem: securing the right real estate. That's why the best real estate investors and category creators in the world work with us.

In a media driven world, follow the fundamentals. Society knows the Wall Street love story. Not to be overlooked. We just choose to spend our time hedging on the American Dream, the backbone of our economic system.

People, property, preservation of value.

And that's why we're helping the most progressive owner-investors, value creators in the world, secure their assets. Not just any assets - the best assets, at the right basis with strong economic drivers both short and long term.

So what’s BIGGER than the big short?

Value flowing back to the people, in a world of Wall Street and Financial institutional architecture that is not built to support it, not modeled to support it, not aligned to support it.

That said, Wall Street Futurists and Market Makers can take a punch, regardless of how it swings.

Markets change when values change. He who holds the keys to a new definition of “leverage”, will often prevail!

The past 18 months of our journey has been solely focused on building a model for the future of living.  We made this known in March, of 2020. Our proprietary formula is uniquely architected and positioned to capitalize on the revolutionary changes that WE see in the world today. Save your name here to hear my thoughts on the winners, losers, and the in between-ers going forward. We’re partnering with ecosystem leaders, and extending opportunity to fundamentally change the future of home, with us.

Tell me why I'm wrong, all thoughts welcome!

We’ve been at the forefront of the what we're calling "The Asset Revolution" since inception, yet we’re just getting started… building product and platform for a new way of living (with people + home at its core).

A visionary brand builder and creator of inventive behavioral and pioneering economic modeling, Alex Allison is the Founder & CEO of D. Alexander & D. Alexander Capital. His work is centered around developing, aligning, and forecasting value equations and evolutionary market forces that adhere to the future of living — for mainstream consumption and adoption.

Note: These thoughts are my own, not representative of the company and our affiliates.