Over the last year, we have all re-evaluated our lives and our routines. It has been a time of reflection on what is of greatest value to us and how we best leverage those assets to live our best lives. In a sense, we woke up to a flashing red light saying, “check engine”. Given we had a pit stop in 2020, now is the time to make sure we diagnosed our lives properly. It is time to know whether we have what we need to live good lives.

What we do now will have a big impact on our future in ways that we can only imagine, and we need to make key choices right now. The first is to re-prioritize our lives to determine what is most important. For many of us, they are our health, family, and time. All of them are impacted by our living environment so suddenly those living environments are more important to us. What are most people doing? They are adorning their living space, using more local amenities, and expanding their circle of living beyond their homes. This will matter to all kinds of changes in social and economic activity.

Suddenly where we live matters more than perhaps even the homes we live in. If we have chosen well, then we are satisfied barring some minor modifications. If not, we are looking for a location that is more of the community we want to live in so we are more fully empowered. The easy part is to modify where we live, the harder part is to determine whether we are in the right location for living. We now have a new set of priorities to make a part of that decision, and it might be a longer-term solution.

This is something we can all share, where it is that we all need community, or that we can relate to needing the same kind. The experience we are having is a human one, built on the reality that our new priorities help us make better decisions for both now and in the long run.

How have your priorities changed? How has that impacted your living choices?? Let's start a conversation.